Sonntag, 9. Oktober 2011

Veterama extreme

Veterama, europe´s biggest market for vintage vehicles. Hundreds of cars and motorcycles, millions of parts and some bicycles too... an extreme weekend that i enjoy every year.

Springfield roadster with freewheel


Peugeot - Captain Gerard, ca 1900

Rudge Rotary

This guy used his Bianchi military folding bicycle to cruise around the market...

Safety bicycle - i guess Clement

Alcyon, origin found condition

Wanderer Ladies bicycle with upper extra tube and Austro Motorette engine - probably 1922.

Ladies safety bicycle, built by Clement.

The giant and the small sized french bike...

• Extreme early to get up - i started at 00.30 in the morning.
• Extreme far to go - 16 hours driving in 2 days.
• Extreme far distances to walk - about 20 to 25 kilometers each day, running from one dealer to the next.
• Extreme interesting parts and bicycles - from 1860 to 1940, boneshakers, safety bicycles, penny farthings, etc.
• Extreme amount of money spent.
• Extreme night - slept in the car (citroen berlingo), with 3 bicycles.

Closed doors until 12.00 h

Motorcar, 1899

Very nice tricycle

Burgers velocipede

How should i take a bicycle like that home?

i bought 2 very special bicycles this year. One is a safety bicycle, built around 1893/94, very nice and sporty frame, probably produced in france. its almost complete, the chain, front brake, saddle and tires are missing :) - saddle i already have at home, chain is available, tires i hope too... and brake - who needs a brake?

Nice fork, missing front brake.

Rather high and big frame.

The other bicycle i guess was built by Johann Puch, before 1897 (then Styria and J. Puch decided to go different ways) - its a ladies single-tube-frame bicycle. Its in a good condition and rideable, but painted black. I already took off the wrong color and could find some etchings and the name "Styria Fahrradwerke Graz" written on the tube. The rear wheel is 26 inch, the front wheel is 28 inch. Its a very nice and absolut rare bicycle, built just around the corner :)

Styria Fahrradwerke Graz

Missing stearing-lock

Rests of the former etchings

Floral etchings on the fork

2 leather sheets - original?

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