Dienstag, 27. März 2012

Bicycle museum Altmünster, Upper Austria

A very nice bicycle museum is located in Altmünster, a village near Gmunden at the lake Traunsee in upper Austria. Now its off-season, but the owner Walter Neumayer was very kind and showed me his bicycles and other veteran vehicles.
Here you can find a lot of ordinary bicycles, like Premier DHF, Clement, CMC, very nice safety bicycles from Peugeot, Humber and others, a lot of bicycles from all over the world built at the turn of century and of course very nice and rare austrian bikes.
The museum too has a big range of bicycle gadgets and rare spare parts, advertisements and other stuff related to bicycles - that makes it very interesting to look around. You should plan enough time for a visit to discover all the specials and details.

4813 Altmünster am Traunsee / Österreich
Maria Theresia Straße 3a
Tel :  +43 (0)650 / 4748665

Dürkopp Diamant chainwheel, Austria, ca 1910

Cripper tricycle

Kaiserburg (?) chainwheel on a Jacobi bicycle, Vienna, ca 1905

Noricum, Cless & Plessing shaft drive bicycle, Austria, ca 1900

Jacobi bicycle, Vienna ca 1905

Childrens corner

A very nice Junior childrens bicycle, Austria, i guess 50ties

A very tall Steyr Waffenrad, ca 1905

Kangaroo safety bicycle, ca 1890

Clement ordinary, maybe a racing ordinary, France, ca 1885. Many spokes...

Peugeot (?) crossframe bicycle

CMC ordinary in a nice running condition, 54 inch

58 inch DHF Premier, all nickel

Hickory (?)

Dienstag, 6. März 2012

Ausfahrt 2012

Auch heuer wieder: ca 25 Kilometer mit alten Fahrrädern - wir freuen uns über eure Teilnahme! Aufs Bild klicken um es besser lesen zu können.