Mittwoch, 27. Juni 2012

Fahrradpicknick Freudenau/Vienna

In the middle of june the first "Fahrradpicknick" in Vienna took place at the Freudenau, the local horse racetrack, built in 1838. The historism style buildings and the perfect weather made this event to a perfect sunday afternoon for cyclists of all kinds.
The vienna tweed ride, part of the event, started at noon in the inner city of vienna, took about an hour (10 kms) crossing the town and the Prater (a very big park) and ended at the Freudenau. About 80 cyclists gathered for the ride, some styled very nice, other not so well. For real tweed it was too hot i think.
At the Freudenau a lot of other cyclists already were present and different races and shows started, first of all the penny farthing race. 8 penny farthings attended the race (including me), 7 new build ones and one original, mine. The race-distance was very short and not really good to ride because of the turn at the upper end which was much too small for penny farthings. But in the end i finished fifth - ok for me, it was my first race ever. After that different races for folding bikes, carrier bikes and Brompton folding bicycles took place - very funny to look at. Sadly most of the participants for the Brompton race didnt dress well, some really looked like clowns. I dont think that is what Brompton wanted.. Later the most beautiful cyclist/bicycle was elected...
Additionally Fritz Hurtl from Fahrradmuseum Retz showed some of his bicycles including a very nice Courier bike, built by Greger, Vienna and a Goldschmidt & Pirzer penny farthing.
All in all it was a really nice event with lots of fun and beautiful bicycles, hopefully to be continued.


Dienstag, 19. Juni 2012

Brennabor 0.

This is a Brennabor Modell 0 crossframe safety bicycle, built in 1892 by Gebrüder (brothers) Reichstein from Brandenburg, Germany. It has the framenumber 365 and 3 beneath it. The bicycle was the cheaper and smaller modell in that year, for men up to 70 kg weight. It was available with small 3/4" (front) and 7/8" (rear) wheels, both 1" wheels, both 1,25" wheels with cushion tires or with Dunlop-Pneumatic-tires.
The shown bicycle has the 1,25" rims for cushion tires, now its equipped with rubber tires. Colour is partly not origin anymore but in a nice condition, pedals match that year but are not origin with the bicycle and at the neck it once was repaired but its almost not visible. Its is rideable but the origin saddle doesnt like that :) The chain is wrong too, but works well.

Gebrüder Reichstein started to assemble ordinary bicycles with parts from UK in 1882, in 1883 they already built their own bicycles, copied from british ones. 1888 the name Brennabor was used for the first time as a brand for their bicycles - introduced at the national bicycle-fair in Leipzig.

Freitag, 8. Juni 2012

Ausfahrt 2012

Auch heuer gabs wieder eine Ausfahrt des Forums - wieder in Oberschleissheim bei München. Diesmal war aber das Wetter noch besser, es wurde richtig heiß zwischendurch.
Ca. 50 Radler kamen mit ihren Rädern, durchwegs gut gekleidet und bester Laune, aus Österreich, Deutschland, Tschechien und Frankreich. Die Strecke war ähnlich wie die des Vorjahres geplant, schöne Wege rund um Oberschleissheim, mit ein paar Pausen zwischendurch. Gleich zu Anfang gabs leider einen Zusammenstoß mit einem rücksichtlosen Modernes-Rad-Fahrer, dann noch ein paar kleiner Pannen, im großen und ganzen ging aber alles gut und alle kamen wieder heil zurück. Bei Jürgens Schuppen - - wurden dann wieder einige Teile verkauft und vertauscht, es gab Bier, Wein und - dieses Jahr neu - es wurde gegrillt. Und so blieben dann einige bis in die späten Abendstunden und noch länger :)

Danke an alle die mitgeholfen haben und besonders an Jürgen für die ausgezeichnete Organisation.
Bis zum nächsten Jahr - dann aber wahrscheinlich wo anders!

Jürgen, Organisator vor Ort mit seinem Elvish


Professionelle Reparatur mit Hammerzange