Montag, 26. August 2013

From Enns to Krems

Gerald (the 2013 winner of Germanys pennyfarthing race) and me decided to go on a longer tour with our bicycles - our first 2-days-ride: from Enns in Upper Austria to Krems, Lower Austria - thats a part of the R1 "Donauradweg" - the Danube bicycle path. Two days of riding the ordinary bicycle - and almost nothing else :)
We started on a sunny afternoon in Enns, a small town south of Linz. We didnt bring a lot of things, only some tools, loctite glue, raincoats, cameras and water. There is not much space on an ordinary high bicycle, so you have to think twice whats really important :)
After the first 10 kilometers we crossed the river danube using a bicycle ferry. From Mauthausen we headed to Naarn, got something to eat at Geralds grandmother and went on to Grein. There we arrived at 7.00 in the evening, after 45 kilometers riding. The weather still was fine, Gerald was full of energy - i was getting a little bit tired :) - we decided to go on to Ybbs. Without lights on our bicycles we had to hurry a little bit... but the roads were good, less other bikers or cars (a few times you have to use the same roads as cars) and we arrived at Ybbs at 8.30 - in the dark.
After finding a room and having dinner, we slept well, while it started to rain outside. But when we got up in the morning rain was over and we immediately continued our tour. First aim was Melk, 20 kilometers, sometimes it rained a little bit and wind got stronger, but all in all the weather was good for bicycling. We reached Melk very fast and decided to go on to the next town and have some lunch there. After another 25 kilometers we reached Spitz, a nice small village in the "Wachau", Lower Austria. Wachau is a famous wine-growing area, so we had to taste the local wine, and my bag, like the origin MIP bag - had still space to carry a bottle of local wine :)
We had lunch at "Mariandl", where a typical austrian 60ties movie was filmed and went on to reach Krems, our final destination. The roads were still very good to ride for pennyfarthings, mostly asphalt. We crossed some very nice villages and met a lot of people, especially other bikers - and suddenly got stuck in a large group of bicyclists in Dürnstein. After telling every one how to get up and down from a pennyfarthing and answering another 1000 questions concerning our bikes we could go on in peace and reached Krems at 16.00 and took the train home.
Two days, 130 kilometers, very nice people and landscape - the R1 is absolutely recommendable for ordinary bicycle riders.

Through Weissenkirchen

The 2013 flood left no asphalt

Ferry to Mauthausen

Small rivers next to the danube

Reaching Grein

Its getting dark, but Ybbs is not far away.

Crossing the danube near Ybbs

Finally, our aim for the first day: Ybbs

Oping at 10.00 - too late for bicyclists

At Schönbühel

Crossing the danube again, at Spitz

Very british looking church, near Dürnstein


Stop at Sighardt Donabaums Wineshop in Spitz

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