Montag, 15. Dezember 2014

Brampton Fittings Path Racer

This sporty bicycle was probably built by some small company in Czech Republic in the late 1920ties. All parts except handlebar, wheels and saddle were built by Brampton Fittings, Birmingham, a well known producer and supplier of high quality bicycle parts. Brampton did not supply frames completely assembled, so you had to do that yourself. The company who finished (and probably sold) this bicycle even used a Brampton Fittings emblem instead of their own. Fichtel & Sachs Hubs (the rear hub was built in 1927), wood decor steel rims for beaded edge tires and a french Brown No. 74 saddle where used to complete this bike.

I like the condition of that bicycle. I got it like that, only attached the tires and handlebar (it was missing). I think it was not touched for many years or decades, it looks like someone hid it after  removing the tires and the handlebar. It was not cleaned or polished by some overeager collector neather i will clean or polish it. It will stay like that.

See a Brampton advertisement of the 1930ties here